Bernard Boonen
a.k.a. Toshiba-3


Foix, France - Liège, Belgium
+33 (0) 768 12 15 99

Professional Work


Deux Cinquièmes is my personal project. black/white 2D/3D tech design.
Let's help your clients have a better grasp of your business and products.


As part of Global Design I back Dimitri Gangolf and Philippe Simon.
These two industrial designers shape your ideas end-to-end.

Amateur Projects


My long time running Carmageddon fansite filled with addons.
Hundreds of mods, cars, levels and pedestrians to download.

La Cour des Trois Seigneurs

Nowadays I live in south of France, in Rabat-Les-Trois-Seigneurs.
This is a little website about my explorations around here.


My personal portfolio has been offline for years now...
Someday I'll take some time and throw something together.

Metronomy Bootlegs

I'm a hardcore Metronomy fan and ripped their gigs for a few years.
Recently decided to curate a dedicated bootleg website with mp3s.

Toshiba-3 on Mixcloud

Now and then I produce weird and compact mixtapes and put them on Mixcloud.
Haven't been at it recently but still have some ideas.

Social Networks

I can be found on the following websites.
Keep in mind I might not accept invitations if I don't know you beforehand.

LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Last.fm

About This Site

My tendancy to seek minimalism and optimisation lead me to backtrack.
To hell with bloated websites and huge visuals, this page is straight to the point.
And thus this page was coded following the HTML 2.0 Strict specification:

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